HOW TO: Valentine’s Day Nails

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As you know, I love nail art and what better time to do something fun with your nails than on hallmark holidays!? I’ve been meaning to do a tutorial for my glitter gel manicure anyway, so here’s a fun take on it for v-day. Keep reading for my step by step guide to re-creating these nails at home!

What You’ll Need


  • Red Carpet Manicure set (or any at home gel kit)
  • UV light
  • Pink loose glitter
  • Regular White Nail polish
  • Top coat
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors

**If you don’t have a gel kit, you can try this with regular nail polish at your own risk!


Step 1: Glitter Gel Manicure


1) File your nails to the shape you want. (I like to file the top too so the gel sticks better).

2) Cleanse with Red Carpet Mani ‘Purify’ and make sure to use a lint free cloth (I use a paper towel).

3) Prep with the adhesion sanitizer

4) Paint a coat of ‘Structure’ or base coat gel. Make this thick, since you want it to be tacky for the glitter. (And, make sure there is none on your cuticles before you cure!)

5) Cure for 1 minute in the UV light

6) Dip your nails in the loose glitter.

7) Cure again for 1 minute.

8) Clean the excess glitter from around your cuticle with a Q-tip.

9) Paint a thin layer of Brilliance, or gel top-coat, over the glitter. (Make sure there is none on your cuticles because it will harden when you cure it!)

10) Cure for 2 minutes.

11) Paint one more thin layer of gel top coat for thickness. (Make sure to seal the tip of your nail so the gel doesn’t peel).

12) Cure for 2 minutes.

13) Cleanse again with Purify. (Your nails will be tacky until you cleanse!)



Step 2: Heart Decals

1)     Fold a piece of scotch tape in half – fold a little bit of the edge first so you can pull it apart easier.

2)     Cut the tape like you did in your 5th grade art class into a little half heart.

3)     Peel apart the tape and place it on your nail.

4)     Paint using white, or any color you’d like, over the tape.

5)     Let it dry for at least 10 minutes. (If you’re an impatient kiddo like me, dry them under the UV light – still gotta wait like 5+ mins though).

6)     Peel off the tape….carefully!

7)     Paint a layer of regular top-coat over the heart so your beautiful art doesn’t chip

8)     Let them dry.




Finally, instagram/tweet me a pic! (@Lillianaire / @LilyElise)


Obviously you can do this with whatever colors you like! Claire’s has a great glitter set with every color.

And, please send me pictures if you try it out! I wanna see your creations!


xo Lily

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